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Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation (SBH) is a warm and vibrant

Jewish congregation in Seattle, Washington.

SBH was established in 1914 by Levantine Jews from western Turkey, many of whose grandchildren and great children still belong to the congregation. The community has maintained its distinct minhagim (traditions) as well as cultural practices that reflect the joyous approach to living that is distinctively Jewish while being connected to the broader world.

Like many Sephardic congregations, the community of SBH is religiously diverse – made up of families of all different kinds of observance and cultural affiliation. SBH embraces everyone and is constantly seeking opportunities to bring the community together around our shared values, holidays, and traditions.

Our deep connection to our heritage is manifested ritually through hazzanut, the knowledge and practice of our liturgy, which is unique even among Sephardic congregations. Culturally SBH is connected through language (Ladino), Turkish foods, a love of family and a deep respect for Torah. Bikur Holim means visiting the sick and taking care of the vulnerable and aging members of our community is a central part of our congregation’s values, passed down to children and grandchildren.

Rabbi Emeritus

Lay leadership

President: Sam Mezistrano

1st Vice-President: Bruce Mezistrano

2nd Vice-President: Jack Schaloum

Treasurer: Steve Altchech

Secretary: Sue Condiotty

Grand Trustee: David Maimon

Board of Trustees

Dr. Larry Adatto

Rebecca Almo

Jessica Amouyal

Simon Amiel

Sam Babani

Etan Basseri

David Benezra

Robert Gladstein

Judy Maimon

Miri Tilson

Ben Varon

Religious Leadership
Rabbi Ben Hassan
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Rabbi Ben Hassan



Rabbi Frank Varon



Larry Almo


Rubissa Sharona Hassan

Youth Director



Office: 206-723-3028


6500 52nd Ave South

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