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Youth & Family Programs

Our Mission

The mission of SBH Youth is to inspire children and families to love Torah and connect to SBH traditions by playing an active part in synagogue life. We are committed to strengthening ties to the broader Jewish community as well as the people and land of Israel.

Shabbat Groups at SBH

Every Shabbat

9:45 - 11:00 AM

From the tiniest tots to middle schoolers, Shabbat morning at SBH is fun time for all filled with accessible tefillah (prayer), stories, games, and snacks. Our group leaders (madrichim) are an awesome group of teens invested in making the program first rate!


No registration needed. 

Youth Programs
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Our youth programming is as strong as our group of adult volunteers.


The Youth Committee is an energized group of parents who lead our yearly strategic thinking and planning. We also have parent volunteers who sign up for each event and help as they have time. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Elise Hay is available to meet with you and find the ideal opportunity for you to get involved.

Questions? Suggestions?

Email our Youth Committee! We love input and new ideas. If you are new to the community or interested in learning more please reach out and introduce yourself. 

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